By positioning the grip sideways, the deep pistol pushes the shaft angle away from the mid-forearm reducing the typical 9 degrees of loft in an Armlock putter to just 4 degrees; similar to a simple forward press.

This comfortable setup allows for an effortless one-piece putting stroke with no moving parts, Evnroll says.

The the new Midlock putters are 6″ inches longer than the length required for a conventional setup, with the 6″ extra pistol section extending above the hands.

So for example, if you use a 34” putter then you would use a 40” Midlock putter.

Midlock is available in four Evnroll models – one blade (ER2), two mallets (ER5 and ER8), and one MOI design – the ER11 mallet.

Each Midlock putter comes with black shaft and paint fill as well as the long slant neck hosel and Midlock grip.


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