The feel of S-15C is also applied to wedges. Following the flow of the popular GR MB1 and GT-02, we have completed a wedge made of the same material, S-15C (soft iron). By reducing the sole contact area, operability is excellent in various situations. You can experience unprecedented goodness in rough shots. In addition, it has a sole shape that is stable and easy to open and close when it is square, so you can experience various shots with a soft feel when the sole surface has less resistance.
By changing the loft interval from 4 degrees to 3 degrees, the range of combinations expands and you can hit the approach shot as you want.

  • Succeeded in raising the conventional center of gravity (22.5 mm) to (24.0 mm)
  • Pull spin performance from high center of gravity
  • Stable spin control is possible
  • Head material: Forged soft iron (S-15C)
  • Finish: Satin finish (nickel, chrome, satin)
Loft angle (degree) 49 52 55 58 61
Lie angle (degree) 63.5 63.75 63.75 63.75 63.75



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