Introducing Yamaha Inpres UD+2 Fairway Wood 2021.

The concept of the 2021 model of "inpres UD+2" is "Today's Ichi fires". This is the 3rd generation of the series, which was developed with the aim of achieving both "jumping" and "super straightness" that you can experience just by holding it in your hand. The driver, fairway wood, and utility are equipped with a new technology "SPEEDBOX" that increases the rigidity around the face to prevent energy loss and increase the initial velocity of the ball. In addition, the center of gravity angle and moment of inertia, which are the highest class among clubs of the same weight band, realize directional stability that "grabs" and "does not bend".


In addition to installing "SPEED BOX" in all counts, the manufacturing method has been improved for No. 3 wood to further increase the flight distance.

The fairway wood and utility are also equipped with a new structure "SPEED BOX" that increases the rigidity around the face in all counts. In addition, the fairway wood (# 3) has a new combination of a precision-cast titanium body and a high-strength titanium-rolled uneven wall face instead of the conventional face-integrated body, which increases the deflection and increases the initial speed.

Achieves "super straight" in all counts

The fairway wood utility also achieves "super straightness" with the highest class center of gravity angle and moment of inertia in the same weight range for all counts.

Unique "pleasant sound design" that realizes an exhilarating hitting sound

Yamaha pays attention to the fact that the internal resonance that occurs at the time of impact greatly affects the comfort of the hitting sound, and that the hitting sound has a high correlation with the comfortable hitting feeling, and the comfortable hitting sound is an important performance of the club. It is positioned as one. Therefore, by utilizing the knowledge cultivated as a musical instrument manufacturer and conducting vibration analysis in collaboration with the research and development department involved in musical instrument sound, Yamaha has realized a refreshing tapping sound. This "pleasant sound design" is also used in fairway woods and utilities.


- Available in 4 lofts option: 14.5* / 17* / 19* / 21.5*

- Comes with Yamaha Exclusive Design Shaft: Air Speeder for Yamaha


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